Tell the CPS what you think

Now you know Alison’s Story how an older man in a position of trust had sex on NHS premises with a mentally ill young woman and colluded to make the evidence go away, destroying Alison’s mental health in the process, do you think they should get away with it because it was 30yrs ago, or should they be prosecuted? Please take a few seconds to complete and share this poll with your friends and contacts…

Email addresses for the Crown Prosecution Service, Chief Constable, and Police & Crime Commissioner for Cumbria are below. Please email them if you feel strongly about Alison’s story. When you click on the email links below it should open your email service (Outlook, Gmail, etc.)…the link at the bottom of the page will email them all. To help ensure they get the message, please title your email “Justice for Alison”.

Isla Chilton, Senior ProsecutorCumbria CPS, email: or or 

Michelle Skeer, Chief Constable of Cumbria Police, email:   

Peter McCall, Cumbria Police and Crime Commissioner, email: