CPS refusal to review their decision – December 2017

The full letter from the CPS is available via the link below. The letter is one of the most surreal and biased documents we have seen. Their letter paints a picture of loves young dream, a story of two consenting adults, in love with each other and planning a future together … they fail to mention Alison was very mentally ill and that Scott-Buccleuch had a position of trust, and they omit the fact that he was a sexually experienced older man nearly twice her age. They also fail to mention he was complicit in making sure people didn’t know about the abortion that was the result of his illegal sex acts. This was not, loves young dream, it was a selfish irresponsible and illegal abuse of power carried out at the expense of a vulnerable young woman who needed professional help. Was sex with patients just a “perk of the job” for some of the staff and students at Garlands?

You can see from the text below the CPS acknowledge Scott-Buccleuch admitted committing the illegal sex acts on hospital premises…yet they still seem to think to prosecute would not be in the Public Interest?