Cumbria Police could not be bothered

This is a handwritten entry from Police notes of January 2002. It states, “There are other family members who can testify to a “relationship” between Alison and Mr ___ but I don’t think that fact is in dispute. In other words, Cumbria Police knew a relationship existed and sexual offences had been committed with a vulnerable mental health patient, yet they chose not to investigate or speak to other family members who had valuable information to share. In fact, there is no record of Cumbria Police speaking to anyone other than managers at North Cumbria NHS.

The second disturbing aspect of this note is that it goes on to say, Mr Bell would like to consider whether or not the Garlands establishment ought to be investigated, as opposed to just Mr___ if so a large amount of work would need to be done“; the Police knew a serious sexual crime had been committed but couldn’t be bothered to deal with it because it would “involve a large amount of work”.